Christmas Break

Hahahaha...where to begin. From the beginning i guess. It all started when Bree and Kevin decided to make a trip up to Washington for the holidays. I was planning on flying until they suggested I just drive up with Kevin and a couple other people, we would split gas prices and save money. The plan was Kevin, me and another girl would drive up to Washington on the 21st of December. Then the weather started acting up and families were worried about driving through mountain passes etc. So we decided to drive up to Boise, ID and then fly from there. The other girl who was supposed to go up with us ended up driving with a friend to Vegas...so it was just Kevin and I. I wanted to leave Saturday morning because i was worried about weather but my driver decided to continue with the plan of leaving on Sunday. Then he decided we would leave late Saturday night after his family Christmas party. We didn't end up leaving until 11:00 p.m. The drive was good, we stopped to get gas twice and once so Kevin could take a 20 minute power nap...which actually lasted 40 minutes. lol. We did drive through a "blizzard" (the wind was blowing the snow sideways across the road). We made it to Boise, got to the airport, checked in and found out our plane was delayed an hour or so...after that hour passed it was delayed again...and then again...and again...and then we finally got on a plane! Because we were flying standby we weren't first priority and so they filled the plane we were supposed to be on with other passengers who's planes were also delays. but we did get on a different one! It took off...got about 15 minutes from landing in Portland, turned around and took us back to Boise! Can you believe that! It was probably the worst feeling ever! Especially because the plane were were supposed to be on landed just 15 minutes before the one we were actually on was going to. AHHHHHHHHH!!! After we got back to the Boise airport, we waited for a while for another plane but they canceled all flights to Portland due to weather. We decided to get a hotel so that we could get at least a few hours of good sleep. we found the cheapest one...which meant it was not a nice hotel and checked in. We got some sleep, Kevin slept through his alarm for a full hour! It woke me up and we weren't even in the same room...i could here it going off through the wall...I was obviously not amused. I don't kn0w why he set it to go off so early! Well, I was carrying 140.00 dollars in cash (I didn't have time to go to the bank before we left). I had it in my cell phone case because i don't carry a wallet or a purse. I dropped my phone and the case fell off. I set the money on the dresser on the hotel room. we left and i forgot to put the money back in my cell phone case. I remembered when we got back to the airport and so kevin called the hotel and said we left something in the room. The lady that we both got a bad vibe from went to look and said she didn't find anything. So I lost 140.00 dollars in cash. I pretty much hated life right then...even more so because our flights were delayed again. And again...and again again...and then canceled. I was in tears! I was so frustrated with the way things were going! I was spending a butt load of money on 0verpriced airport food, i was tired, i just wanted to go home! We decided to just buy an actual ticket instead of flying standby. All tickets to Portland were sold out so we had to buy a ticket to Seattle where Bree's parents would come pick us up. so 130.oo dollars later we spent the rest of the day at the oh so very boring airport. (we decided to just stay the night at the airport to save money). we attempted to entertain ourselves with a grueling game of golf, then war, then blackjack, and goldfish. At about 11:00 p.m. Kevin's grandma said she would get us a hotel room so that we didn't have to stay at the airport. We got to the hotel late and woke up super early to catch our flight...this is now day three. We get to the airport, wait for our flight and we finally...FINALLY board the plane and fly to Seattle! I wanted to kiss the ground when we landed at the Seattle airport! haha! It felt SO good to finally be in Washington! SO good! I was so happy to be in Washington that i almost felt giddy! haha. Well, throughout this whole trip, one of the main purposes was so that Kevin could ask Bree to marry him! We had this awesome plan that when she came in to meet us he would just walk up to her, tell her how much he loved her and how it was horrible being without her for how ever many days it was and how he did not want to go another day without her for the rest of their lives and eternity and then he would ask her if she would marry him! So the entire trip that was on his mind...and the entire trip that is all we talked about! haha...i liked it though. I enjoyed being a part of it! Well, Bree and her mom get to seattle and Bree doesn't want to come in, she wants us to just meet her out in the car. Kevin and I were like 'what now!' But we convinced her that she should come in...so she finally agreed to meet us at baggage claim. lol...oh well. She came in and Kevin proposed. It was absolutely the sweetest thing I ever saw! :D We get on the road and head to good ol' BG. Bree's mom had to go pick up a girl for swim team in La Center. She took the back roads which usually are not cleared of snow. We were going down a hill at a decent speed and then the big 4-wheel drive Expedition did a 360 on the the hill, we went up on two tires and hit a snow bank. we almost rolled! It was scary! We got stuck too...it took a while for us to get off those back roads! Man oh man...seriously...if it could possibly go wrong...it did! What a trip.

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