Oh boy....Well...it all started last week. Wednesday. Patti Epperson was going out of town and she asked me if I would be willing to babysit her 5 children. I love the Eppersons so I obviously said yes!! I was very excited! She had mentioned that Ellie threw up. And then her facebook status said something like... "2nd child just threw up. Good thing I am going out of town. Sorry Jessica:)". hahaha! it was okay though. I was still happy to go. I was a nervous they'd be sick when she left but was hoping that it would end with Johnjohn and be the 24 hour stuff. Thursday. Well...Pattie left. Before she left she told me to take the twins to McDonalds and get them chicken nuggets...you know just so we could get out of the house and such. So I took them to McDonalds gave them them chicken nuggets. Got home and put them down for a nap. They played for about an hour and then Johnjohn started crying so I went to check on them Luke was over on Johnjohn's bed just looking at him. Johnjohn was curled up in a ball completely dead to the world! he was out hard! and there was puke on the floor! DANGIT!!! I was really wishing I hadn't gone to McDonalds that day...ew!!!!!! I took luke down stairs and gave him a snack then I went to clean up the yuckies off the floor. It was sooooo gross but i did it and only gagged once! then john woke up so i took him down stairs...as i was going down the stairs Jake started yelling my name. Luke was starting to throw up now!! AHhhhh! I don't handle puke well at all! never have. usually if i see it...i end up joining the person.  I didn't know what to do at first. Then all of sudden I started cleaning it up and holding poor Luke. Johnjohn got better but Luke got worse! Oh those poor babies! I did get trown up on. And it was gross but I think I handled it all really well! I was calm. I wasn't overly grossed out like I should have been, especially after Luke threw up on me. I called a lady in Patti and the kid's ward (Jennifer) and she came over and sat with the kids for a little bit while I went and got cleaned up. She was so so helpful! I felt so bad having to call her because she has children and I didn't want to spred the sickness. So after cleaning up everything...washing almost every single towel in the house and the sheets and blankets I got the rest of the kids to bed. The babies were so uncomfortable and miserable that they wouldn't go to bed so we stayed up and watched cars. Jennifer came over to check up on us. She brought some 7 up. She called Patti's hometeacher and her husband come over and give all of the kids and I a blessing. The babied finally fell asleep and I got them to bed. Wow! What a crazy day! Friday. Friday was a pretty good day. The weather was fabulous! The twins and I spent the morning jumping on the trampoline. I had a blast!!! (probably more fun then the babies! lol) We ate our breakfast outside. They both took a bath. They watched Einstiens for about the 20th time. and then went down for a nap. Friday was good! We just chillaxed. And played. And laughed. And I was very happy that it was going soooo well. No sickness! Saturday. I woke up to happy children again! We all made a huge mess making breakfast...playing. goofing off. Except for Robbie. he wasn't feeling too good. he totally fell asleep on the couch and then all of a sudden he was gone...he was now sick! Ahhh!!!!!!!! Poor Robbie! I didn't know how to help Robbie. He's too bid for me to hold and thankfully he knows how to throw up in the toilet. He just wanted to go upstairs and sleep. He slept most of the morning in his mom's room. I was also feeling kinda weird that day. I didn't have an appetiete but I wasn't feeling sick. I was feelin exhausted! Jumping on the trampoline can be exhausting! After I got the babies down for a nap I was really not feeling good. But I had to clean up the house.....Oh NO!!!! yep...I was the one in the bathroom now. Ew!!! I hate being sick! I get so emotional when i'm sick and all i want is my mom. Unfortunaltly she was over 800 miles away! What to do what to??!! I still had a responsiblity! I had to take care of the kids! Robbie was sick so he couldn't help me...so I had to call Jennifer again. She came over and took the twins, Ellie went to a friends house and Jake stayed with Robbie and was so helpful! I was soooo happy Patti was coming home that night! I died on the couch and would only wake up to throw up. My stomach started to settel a little bit. Patti got home and I was so frustrated because its my rule to have a clean house when mom comes home...and the house was NOT clean! that's seriously all I could think about. Patti had me go sleep upstairs. I was in bed and then it sounded like she dropped a bucket of water...OH MY GOSH! I forgot to turn the water off that hooks to the washer! ugh! I felt even worse! I tried sleeping but couldn't because my body just ached so bad! so patti gave me little tiny glasses of 7 up to make sure i could keep it down. then she druged me and sent me to bed. I slept so good that I didn't even dream! I woke up and I felt so much better! We watche twilight which made me feel even better! haha! 

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