Apt. 217

This is my domicile. I live here with three other girls. Probably the best roomies one could ask for. We all get along pretty well! Liz and I are soul roommates. I've been trying to decorate over the past month or so to make the place seem a little more "homey" feeling. I like what I've done so far. There's still a lot more I want to do. :D I enjoy this apartment. I've lived here for the past two years now! Good times...hahahaha!

This is the front room, left wall. The Audrey Hepburn poster is canvas, framed and wasn't on sale like the signs said. I bought it anyway! This is what you see when you come into my apartment. It looks cooler with only the christmas lights on (yes they stay up year round!) And the New York poster is the coolest...EVER. Well its totally tied with Audrey. My shelf is the one with all the books on it and half of the one below that. I like to read. :D
This is the right side of the living room. The mirror is the "fat mirror". It used to sit up against the wall over by Lecelin and Kaylie's bathroom. It was the worst thing in the world because it made you look short and plump. Hence the nick name "fat mirror".
The Kitchen part I
The Kitchen part 2
The Kitchen part III
Liz's and My bathroom.

I'll put pictures of my room up here after I clean it. ;) haha.

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  1. Apartment 217 has alot of memories for me. I've known that apartment longer than I've known you. But, of course many of the best memories come from after you moved in.