The Adventures of Giraffe and Jessica!

Once upon a time there was a silly girl named Jessica. She had a silly friend named Liz. They were such good friends! One day Liz let Jessica barrow her car so Jessica could run some errands. Jessica decided to take Liz's giraffe whose name is Giraffe with her on these errands! They had to run away together because Liz had not given Giraffe permission to go out and run errands with Jessica. Jessica made sure Giraffe was very safe!

Giraffe and Jessica went to the bank and activated Jessica's ATM card. Giraffe had to wait in the car though. Then Jessica and Giraffe went to the gas station. There Jessica bought white chocolate reese's peanut butter cups. Giraffe had to wait in the car there too.

Then Jessica and Giraffe decided to go home.

They had a blast! When they got back home Liz was so happy Giraffe was safe! And she was happy that Jessica and Giraffe had a good time!
The End.

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  1. That was an excellent story. I'm so glad that Giraffe and Jessica got home safely.