JOY to the world! (part I)

december is one of my favorite months! its so full of CHRISTMAS, family, joy, love, peace, GIVING and just pure happiness. i'm definitely enjoying what the month of december has brought so far. there have been some not so
good days...but mostly they have been quite enjoyable. here is what has been happening so far. i'm uber excited to see what the rest of december brings!

I've been having a great ol' time making Christmas cards! :)

i got to babysit some of my all time favorite kids ever! jake, ellie, johnjohn, luke, and i went to their ward CHRISTMAS party. i had so much fun with the twins (ellie and jake spent most of their night with friends). there was good food, amazing pumkin rolls, lots of nice people, and santa.
this is one of my all time favorite pictures! lukes SMILE is so perfect!
the twins were soooo excited to see SANTA! they kept calling him the "ho ho"
this is where luke got so excited about his candy cane he couldn't even get all the words out. "look jessca! i got cany cane from da ho!
the next day i was able to go with patti and her family to get a christmas tree. it took everyone only about 5 minutes to pick a tree out because it was soooo cold! i also got to help decorate the house. i always have so much fun spending time with my EPPERSON family. i'm so grateful to have them!

this one day, elizabethica and i went to cottonwood heightS for some amazing, beautiful, expensive things...and this is what it looked like on our way back. no, that isn't fog. its...SMOG. GROSSY!

mick and i got to go to salt lake city on our 5monthiversary to see the mormon tabernacle choir and orchestra at temple square perform with natalie cole for the christmas concert.
this was the best picture of her i could get. :( everything kept turning out blurry because she was so far away...

one time i became better friends with an old friend and she brought me a present. its the cutest and awesomest present ever! i love love LOVE it!
and this was my weekend purchase. i've been needing a coat that i can wear to church. i got this at jc penney's for 40.00 bucks. FABULOUS!

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