for time and all eternity

so many people have told me that it is nearly impossible find a pretty temple dress. well, i found one and i'm going to buy it!
i remember the first time i did baptisms i was so scared! but as i sat in front of the font and looked through the glass doors that led to the other rooms in the temple i saw everyone dressed in perfect white suits and dresses. i remember thinking, "wow! this is heaven. literally". it felt so familiar to be there and i felt peace and an overwhelming feeling of love. i wish i could describe how happy i am to be marrying mick in the temple!! i'm not gonna lie its been a hard path and i know it will continue to be hard because satan definitely doesn't want me there. he doesn't want mick there. so to my friends and especially my family thank you for being there to help cheer mick and i on. to help us be good and help us have faith and the strength to make it to where we can be sealed for time and all eternity!


  1. Love the dress - it's gorgeous! I did love my temple dress, but then outgrew it in my first pregnancy (like six months later!) and now can't wear it anymore. It would probably fit you, if you or anyone you know might be interested in it. Anyway, I also like your quote at the top - I heard another one recently I really liked that's a lot the same. It goes: "The secret to having everything is to realize you already do."

  2. That dress is gorgeous!! I'm glad you were able to find one that you like. Hope the wedding plans are coming along well.