okay so here's the deal. i really don't have a favorite color. i love orange but i hate wearing it unless its my purse or a pair of shoes. i don't like decorating with it unless its somewhere that just adds a splash of color like in a kitchen.
so when it comes to choosing wedding colors i have become the most indecisive person ever! holy moly this is hard and i'm not sure why?! haha
mick isn't very helpful in giving me his opinion. he doesn't care what they are just as long as there isn't a whole lot of pink or anything "too girly".
well, here are the colors that i LOVE. i think i might love one color palette more than the others but i don't KNOW for sure just yet...

blues, reds, browns, yellows
(these are great fall or winter wedding colors!)
cherry red and tiffany blue
(yes there is a difference between tiffany blue and aqua. i think. in any case i would rather have a more soft and sweet blue than a bright and bold blue.)
mustard yellow and blue
(i just wanna say i {heart} this color palette and i want that dress on the top left corner)
robin's egg blue and ivory
(i really love these colors. i think i would throw in splashes of red or yellow though. i've been trying to decide if i could do both red and yellow. hmm...)

so those are my favorites. just a little tid bit about me. i LOVE LOVE LOVE vintage! i'm not into the bright and bold colors as much. if i do a bright color i would need to balance it with a soft color.
anyways. i am still having loads of fun with this! and i promise to chose a color palette by the end of this month and i promise to leave it! but i have some time to play around with the colors and see what works and what doesn't and decide what would best suit mick's and my style.

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  1. So, after much consideration I think I am liking the mustard yellow and the blue. Oh, but I also love all the others! I totally see your dilemma. Good luck! I think everything will be so beautiful!!