{sister's by birth, friends by choice.}

well, it's time to start getting the bridesmaids and maid of honor dresses! it is so hard to find exactly what you want in the right color so the girls and i are going to make the dresses! i am so excited about that! i really want the girls to wear something they love and feel pretty in so i'm letting them choose what style of dress they want. i'm hoping they all choose something that fits them, their personality and their own unique style. i don't want them all to be exactly the same either. :p i do want the dresses to be the robin's egg blue with a touch of ivory and {i think} red shoes/jewelry/accessories.
here are a few dresses i liked. just some ideas and a visual.
i love this dress! the colors are so perfect! we would need to add sleeves to make it modest for the girls but that is easy! actually we'd have to make the whole dress because they don't sell this one anymore...sad.

i love everything about this little ivory dress. i want it. i really like the look and would like this one only in a blue for the girls.

this is one of the dresses from sex in the city movie. hate the movie but love the dress!
this color is perfect!
i like this one but i don't think i would want the girls to wear it. i just like the color. :D
i thought about using this type of fabric. i don't think i like it all that much.

this is the dress that all the nieces are going to wear! it so perfect!
i'm going to make my new little sisters their dresses! oh they're going to look so pretty wearing this color with their red curly hair!

~can i just say that i am so happy my sisters are my bridesmaids and maid of honor! when my family all came down to utah to take tim to the m.t.c., the girls and i went to 'latter-day bridal' at the gateway. they all got to choose a style of dress they liked and try it on. nichole (who is my maid of honor) helped me in and out of wedding dresses and she was so helpful and so much fun! as pretty as the wedding dresses were, she was the one that made feel so pretty! i felt so close to my sisters and i kept saying a little prayer to Heavenly Father thanking Him for blessing me with these girls as my sisters and best friends!
i just realized i haven't seen it in a really long time. :(
and i love that shirt. the color was so awesome.

*disclaimer! i know all of those dress are immodest and i would obviously love them so much for if they were. i only put these particular dresses up because of the colors and the style of dress that they are. the girls will for sure be wearing a modest version of one of these dresses.


  1. You are so right about sisters being a blessing. How wonderful that you recognized that so early in life! I can just imagine all you sweet girls twittering and planning together. What a blast! I love the dresses that you posted. Each is so unique (and easy to imagine with some sleeves and a little cleavage cover. I can't wait to see what you all come up with. So sweet!

  2. i just love your family, you are and your sisters are all the cutest, sweetest girls. I am so glad you are all enjoying this time of your life.