i was watching hitch the other day on t.v.
more towards the end of the movie after hitch got food poisoning and gets wasted off of benedryl, the morning after Sarah commented on how he was a morning person. he responded "Well, you know, like I always tell my clients, 'Begin each day as if it were on purpose.' ".

"Begin each day as if it were on purpose."

i know he wasn't the original person to say that but i thought it was pretty profound. it's a good motto to have. i think i would like to wake up every morning and start my day off as if it were on purpose. :) maybe working at 6a.m. won't be so horrible! hahaha

anyways. i thought those were awesome words to live by. i would like to add to them one of my all time favorite quotes by Sister Hinckley, "The trick is to ENJOY life, don't waste away your days wishing for better ones ahead."


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  1. So true Jessica! Great words to live by. I am reading a book that says something to the effect of Live your life in day-tight compartments. Don't let yesterday effect today and don't let today slip into tomorrow..live for today.(paraphrasing of course)