just another 12 hour shift

i have been up for many hours. many many many hours. i can't even begin to describe how wonderful a nap sounds. ugh...i still have5 hours left of work. life almost sucks right now. the one thing that is keeping my life totally awesome is that mick's and my ENGAGEMENT pictures are done!!! I can't stop looking at them! Our photographer did such an amazing job!!!
{She'll be posting them on her blog sometime today and will be giving me the web versions that i can post on my blog and facebook so keep a look out!}
it's so awesome looking at these pictures. its just another confirmation of how real all of this is! last year it started off as just an idea. a possibility. then it got a bit more serious when we stopped at a ring store. then even more serious when we found the ring we wanted. then at the end of the year he proposed. its the most amazing feeling in the world going from being boyfriend and girlfriend to being engaged to be married! mick and i are very blessed to have wonderful parents who raised us in the gospel and taught us that we can be married for time and all eternity and not just "death do you part".
this all hit me even harder to how real it is was when we set the date and called the Portland, Or temple. we set the marriage date and my endowment day! then we started discussing wedding details with each other and family. there's a lot that goes on in a wedding! yikes! nah...it's so much fun! can i just plan everyone's wedding? i have so many ideas! haha!
anyways...mick and i now have our engagement pictures! they are ready! and i'm going to order some! and i can't wait!

hehe, so mick and i went to institute last night. can i just say i really enjoy going to institute! its such a great place to be! especially with mick. i realized last night how much i truly love the scriptures! i've been making more of an effort to really study them. some days i'm really good. (usually at the beginning of the week. :p)

my birthday is this month. i'm going to be 22. weird! sometimes i can't believe the age i am! what happened to all those hormonal teenage years?! they're gone! and now my siblings are all leaving that stage in life as well. this tends to make one feel kinda old. i know i know. "wait till you're 30" some say. or 40. or 50. or 60!!! haha. i'll say the same thing when i turn all those ages too. i think it's okay to ask where time has gone. it really does go by so fast! mick and are going on our 7 monthiversary! it feels like we've only been dating a couple months!

well, now that i've rambled on i'll end. i'll end with a simple statement...
i am so very happy!

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