wedding plans/IDEAS thus far.

Picnik collage1
i've decided i want a big bouquet of cream or dark red peonies.
for the bridesmaids a small cream bouquet of peonies and tulips.
for the groom, groomsmen, and fathers i want either a peony or tulip boutonniere.

Picnik collage2
for the bridesmaids/moh i want sweet, soft, vintage, light blues/grays/ivory dresses. tulle, chiffon, and really soft cottons. nothing shiny, fancy, or long. simple. belts, flowers, ribbons.
Picnik collage3
for the guys. i don't know. probably black tux with blue vest and tie, ivory vest and tie, or a gray/black vest and tie. i really like the gray tux with blue vest and tie. but i think the black will be better. mick really wanted a white tux with red shoes. bahahaha. i think he was being serious too...

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