i have been crafting a lot yesterday and today. i just have been inspired by things left and right. my first crafting project was inspired a boutique visit last week on my walk up and down provo center street. there were these adorable little paperback journals. four in a boxed set. it was 15 bucks. 15 bucks too much for my wallet (which i had left in the car anyways). so i decided to try and make my own. i made up my own way of book binding. works really well. then just started creating.

the other craft item i've done today is a "love coupon book". it's for mick. :) it just has some cute fun things in it. like a back scratch. his very favorite thing in the whole world. a homemade meal cooked entirely by me. a movie of his choice paid by me. etc. this was also inspired by something i found in that boutique.
coupon book

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  1. So, one time this girl told me that I never look at her blog. So I looked at it! I love you and these coupons are going in a safe place for use over the next eternity. ;)