moving to ARIZONA!!


ugh...i WISH!

remember how i said it looked like rain. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA! yeah right! frozen rain! it snow like a million inches last night. and it is STILL snowing! i did about 3 involuntary cookies. or doughnuts (whatever your preference is). i got stuck at the bottom of a hill and had to be pushed all the way up it. this is all very lame.

i really want to move somewhere with zero snow.

i was wondering how everyone would feel about me changing up the wedding colors...again. i am having an extremely difficult time finding "robin's egg blue". i was thinking of doing a light blue/gray. there are several different shades of light blue but i think it would be fun to use them all.
...? maybe red and/or mustard yellow.

okay. now everyone can really make fun of me and tease me. :p

P.S. just doing splashes of red. (updated 03/08/2010)


  1. Oh, my goodness!!! We are just going to have to buy the dresses and you will be stuck with what we get. Bwaahhaaaahhaaahhhaaa! We are thinking kind of a burlap-brown with shades of actual ketchup and mustard for a little pizazz! Honey, your wedding will be beautiful no matter what colors you choose. . . the bride is what makes it pretty, so no problem!

  2. sounds like McDonald's is going to sponser this wedding!lol what she (Mom) said!