robin's egg blue. HA! yeah right!

well i've decided that the wedding colors and trying to match things to them is WAY hard! maybe i'll just do {rainbow}. haha. just kidding! but seriously. it is way hard to match robin's egg blue. there are almost a million and fifty six different color blue fabric. and none of them are robin's egg blue. the only color blue i need. there a about a hundred and thirteen color blue shoes. and non of them are robin's egg blue. i did however find robin's egg blue eggs.

i need robin's egg blue bridesmaids dresses. OR...
ivory bridesmaids dresses with robin's egg blue shoes.
i guess i could do red shoes. but i don't want red. especially if they are wearing ivory. i don't want a christmasy feel at all. it'll be spring! i want a springy feel! i guess we'll see what happens.

well, i'm picking up my camera today. i'm so excited! i wish it were noon thirty right now. i just want to hold it. and take pictures. and have lots of fun!

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  1. Yeah...I know how you feel! What I did to pick out my colors was I went to a fabric store and found colors that I liked in fabric that could be used in my wedding and did it that way...I had to change my colors several times...It is WAY WAY hard! Who knew? good luck!