tomorrow. tomorrow. i'll love ya tomorrow! it's only a day aaaawwaaayy!

ugh...it's still a day away! lol. i'm so impatient.

AW!!! i just saw the cutest thing! i'm babysitting mick's nieces (i guess they're mine too, almost!), mick is taking a nap and hannah just got down from her chair and came over and gave him a kiss on the forehead! CUTE! i love these girls! abby has decided i'm hers for the week. lol. she gets pretty upset every time she sees me hug or kiss mick. haha. last night i gave mick a hug and abby was watching and starting to get a little upset and i totally caught mick rubbing it in. hahaha. the 2 year old vs. the 22 year old. oh wait she's not even 2. she barely turned one!

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