what a weekend!

it was a good weekend full of new things!
i got to go to park city for the first time. i went to all the outlet shops with mick's mom, debbie. i bought 3 new shirts at banana republic and a pair of new shoes. i didn't buy the things i was hoping to buy. lol.
i ate at red ruby's for the first time. it was yummy!
mick and i tried to have a pirate's of the caribean marathon but we were interupted by the neighbors tree catching on fire from the power lines. then the power went out.
so we played scrabble by candle light and when i decided i was done playing with my cheating fiance who had lost two turns and still came out over a hundred points more than me, i had him read the adventures of alice in wonderland out loud.
then because the power was out so was the heat i fell asleep by the fireplace until i was roasted.
ugh...then i lost an hour.
anyways...it was a good weekend.
oh! and i played mexican railway or mexican trains or something like that. a domino game. i won almost every time. i like dominos. :D
i'll post some picture tomorrow.

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