number one change will be me getting married! YES! i have 59 days!  i'm so excited.

number two change. mick and i will be living in salem, oregon for the summer. big move! but i'm excited about that too.  well, i hate moving but at least its closer to home and OUT OF PROVO!

number three change. well, this is still a maybe but a big maybe. mick and i will not be moving back to provo (can i hear a hallelujah?!!). we may be going to school in salt lake city! heck yes! i would really like that.

change number four. um. hmm...i can't think of any more. but those 3 are pretty major! i'm pretty excited about all of them too.  wish us luck, we're gonna need it!


  1. Awesome!! Change is a good thing and all of yours and Mick's changes sounds like good ones!! What is in Salem? Jobs?! Cool!

  2. I LOVE change! And yours are such nice changes. Less than 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!