trying to get this wedding stuff figured out. :p
i just realized that i need to look for plates, cups, forks, paper napkins, things like that. haha. it's really fun actually! i'm in that stage where i have to think about all the little details. :D i'm loving it! i still have a few big things i need to get done. man, i need to get it on the ball! whew! i have six weeks left until the wedding/reception! woohoohooo!

i need to find sparklers, cake stands (if anyone has any i can borrow that would be so awesome!), pretty trays, table cloths, chair covers, need to get the christmas lights together (again if anyone has some i can borrow), i need to buy some stuff for decorations, i still have to find my shoes. yikes. i think i'll go all out on shoes. no. no. no. i need to be good. haha. i'm still looking for jewelry/accessories for the bridesmaids and myself.

this is exciting and lots of fun! :)



  1. Honey, they won't allow sparklers in the church. . . Maybe in the parking lot?

  2. haha. oh i know. it would be a replacement for rice throwing slash bubble blowing.