I am a Native American.

So, I mentioned in my last my post I was doing Genealogy. I've been talking with my biological father today and I've found out some really intriguing information! I don't know how much of it is fact but I love the stories and I love knowing a little bit more about this side of the family.

He told me a about my biological mother's birth father. His last name was Long Soldier and he committed suicide by shooting himself. A little morbid and way sad but it's a story and I now know why I never met him. My Great Grandfather is the medicine man of the Oglala Souix Tribe. He's very respected and a great man! His name is Royal Bull Bear. My Grandmother's name is Arlean (who I do remember). I wish so badly I could get more information. I wish with all my heart I could get a hold of my biological mother and just talk to her about my ancestors. I remember being told that I was related to Crazy Horse somehow. I always laugh because when he was younger he was called Curly because he had curly hair. My brother Tim went from have bone strait hair to having the awesome curly hair. It was a secret confirmation to me that we really are descendants of a famous Sioux Chief. haha.

I have some leads now to research and see if I can find out anything! Wish me luck. I'm so excited to start this! It's very distracting from the wedding though and I really need to get things DONE! i have 39 days left. THIRTY NINE DAYS!!!!!!

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