i'm getting married in one month exactly. one month! why do i feel like i have a billion things to do?

i'm working on the invitations right now.
{photo taken by Ashley Hawkes}

i'm on my hunt for the wedding shoes. it's hard. i did order a pair. i wasn't able to look at them in the store so i just ordered them. if i don't like them i'll return them.

if i don't love them then i think i'll get these ones.

debbie has been working on the little girls dresses. :) they are going to look amazing!
Picnik collage

my dress is getting its alterations done!

i bought all my bridesmaids jewelry. i have all my jewelry & they're way pretty.

i bought mick's ring yesterday. i can't wait to actually have it! it doesn't look exactly like this but its super similar.

i had a bridal shower in Washington this last week. It was great! I'm having another this week, and one next week. haha. and i'll be doing something with my girls.

mick booked our honeymoon. he wont tell me where we're going. he said to get my passport and pack my swimsuit! AHHH! i cannot wait!

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