man....just when we actually had a fun day planned.

nichole has been staying with me for a few days. we've been pretty lazy but having a great time together! she has been so helpful to me. just keeping me company while mick works long hours means everything to me!
today the plan was to have a vampire diaries marathon with lots of junk food! that was the plan...until poor nichole started throwing up this morning. ugh...what a sad way to start one's day! i feel terrible. i hope she gets better and i hope the rest of the family doesn't get sick!

i already miss my sister. i wish all my family could be closer. that would be so awesome!!! :D it is so nice being able to go see them on a fairly regular basis though. i am so grateful for that.

i can't believe our summer is more than halfway over... i'm actually kinda excited to go back to utah and get re-settled. we're still looking for a place to stay. i've got to get re-registered for school. stupid uvu. i was all ready to go and for some reason my whole account is messed up...i don't even have an account anymore. :( is it a sign? i'll be finishing my byu application for winter semester in the next few months. uvu just doesn't seem to be working out. weird. i hope i get in. that would be a wonderful blessing.

soooo....i'm going to hawaii in a couple of days! haha. it doesn't seem real so i'm having a hard time getting really excited about it. if that makes any sense. lol. i leave on tuesday. fly from portland to salt lake city. from slc to lax. from lax to hawaii. sheesh. that's a whole lot of traveling! it'll be a blast though! i'm sad about leaving mick for so long but...we'll both be just fine!

chaz is doing great! he's growing up and training is going well. we finally got his kennel yesterday. mick and i were nervous that he wouldn't like it much but he did soooo well! he likes his kennel.

mick is doing pretty well with his job. if he continues to sell as many as he does we will reach our goal for the end of summer and that will be AWESOME!! i'm very proud of him and his hard work. it sucks not having him around more but i know in the end it will be worth it.

some of our wedding photos are done! :D i cannot wait to see the rest! {HERE}


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  1. Mick and Chaz are going to miss you tons while you're gone. I hope you have a great time and that you will feel well on your trip. Hawaii is a beautiful place.