the jessica's are uniting!

mick and jessica. jessica and aj.


hehe. mick and one of his co-workers {aj} have become great friends. aj conveniently has a wife. ;) her name is jessica. jessica and i have become great friends too! we had them over one night, one thing led to another and we have had them over almost every other night! it's been so much fun having another married couple to hang out with. the coolest part, we will still get to hang out when we all make our move back to utah (in about a week and a half!).

jessica and i were able to go to the portland temple together yesterday. it is always such a blessing to be able to go to that wonderful place! i was sick in the morning then felt better by lunch time and stayed well until we left the temple grounds! i did have to pull over and have jessica drive the rest of the way home. sheesh! i did really good and didn't throw up until i got into my apt. ...i didn't quite make it to the toilet but at least i didn't have to throw up in front of my friend! lol. i have to keep telling myself "this will go away eventually. even if i'm sick my whole pregnacy i will be done with that in about 7 months". goodness i hope i'm not throwing up for the next seven months. the last two have been more than enough!

i am very grateful the Lord has blessed mick and i with friends who have the same standards as we do and who help us live them. we finally are breaking in our games that have been gathering dust these last couple of months. i was wondering why the heck we even brought so many up! but i'm soooo glad we did!

mick and i both are looking forward to more fun times ahead!

maybe i'll start posting photos again of our life. haha. for now you'll have to go check out my facebook. i'm good at keeping photos updated on there!

tomorrow is friday!!!! it will be my 12 week mark! I can't believe baby will be 10 weeks old! which also means mick and i will have been married for 10 weeks! woohoohoo! time is flying! but at least we're having a great time and making the most of our days (except when i'm sick. then poor mick is forced to play his xbox to keep himself busy while i have my head buried half way down the toilet bowl. i don't think he minds most of time though. lol. )

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  1. Congratulations!! Shelly always referred to this as "the couple we are currently dating". I loved that. Friends are great and I'm so happy you two have found some great married friends!