The Third Trimester

Braxton Hick...HA! oh my goodness, I can definitely feel them now. They're not painful just extremely tight and uncomfortable! Its a weird weird feeling, my initial response is to squat and push. Ahahaha!
He's moved facing toward my bellybutton now which means I'm feeling a whole lot more elbows and hands, knees and feet. Sometimes it seems like he gets super hyper and is all over the place and wiggly. It makes me laugh. :)
The only thing that sorta bugs me is when he gets the hiccups. Yeah...imagine someone living inside your stomach poking you. Over and Over and over...and over. Its a love/dis-like relationship. It does make me happy because its cute he gets the hiccups. hehehe.
I've been craving oranges a lot lately. Cold oranges. and orange juice. and I love to pair it with this really awesome tasting cranberry spice bread Debbie bought. My all-time favorite food right now. :D
I've been super emotional lately. Like WAY emotional. Many many things make me cry. Haha. I don't even know what to do about it except laugh. I call my mother a lot and cry out loud or silently. It always helps to talk to her. Well, at least listen to her talk my ears off!
My energy levels have gone way down again. I NEED at least 10 hours of sleep and have started taking naps in the afternoon. I feel like a bum sleeping so much but I just feel like I need it.
Anyways...these have been the new things of my third trimester. Can you believe I only have about 10 1/2 weeks left?! WOOHOOHOO!!!!!!!

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