meet my silly, sweet, stinker!

kenny has been discovering new sounds that he can make.
he is quite the talker.
lately he's picked growling when he's hungry.
i'm certain he learned that from his cousin todd who growls when he's eating something yummy!

today he was totally gurgling his milk, smiling and then he would spit it out....yeah...

he's a stinker.
he loves pooping in a fresh clean diaper.
which means i change him, he immediately poops in the new diaper, then i change him again.
this all happens within 5 minutes.
yeah, we're going through diapers pretty dang fast.
good thing he's soooo cute!

one of my favorite parts of the day is early in the morn (when i say early it's usually around 8 a.m. hehe) when kenny first wakes up and i'm changing his diaper and getting ready to feed him, he is just so happy and so smiley.
i almost want to cry i get so beyond happy!
i just love those smiles he gives me so generously!
he looks at me and i love it when we make eye contact.
that doesn't happen very often but when it does, WOW!

yes, i love this boy!

i am so very blessed!

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