Dreaming about my Dreams

So I have had school on my mind a lot lately. Its kind of a...a bitter-sweet{?} thought? I'm not sure. It is overwhelming! Yes..{OVERWHELMING}. I need to finish school. I want to finish school. The crappy thing is I have SOOOOO much school to finish. Yikes!

What should I do?

I would love to go get a Bachelors degree in some big impressive major like in Science (with the emphasis of Human Biology. Bet ya didn't even know I liked that kind of stuff huh?) I think I'm smart enough. BUT I think my real dream is to get a better understanding of how photography works. A better understanding of lighting, editing, positioning, etc. A trade school degree is still something to be proud of! I feel like I have this obligation to be the very first on my side of the family to get a college degree. hahaha. I have no idea why?

Well, I have the dream. I have a goal. How do I go about accomplishing this? With Mick in school full time and having a baby to care and provide for I can't quite figure out how it would be possible for me to finish up school. Any advice or suggestions?

I remember when Mick and I first started dating he really encouraged me to get a photography business going. He was so excited about my talent and wanted to help me get something started. It was so exciting! I am so grateful I married him! He helps me so much with my dreams! Especially this one.

Speaking of {DREAMS} I have this other dream. I'll tell you. Its to own a boutique! Crazy huh? I love making things! I've been kinda obsessed with it lately actually. I fall asleep almost every night to the thoughts of my own boutique. The things I would sell, how I would set up the store, the people I could market to, what my defining product would be...it's fun. I told Mick that I am going to do one of these days! I will start small. {etsy}. It will be fun and exciting and hard and maybe a bit stressful but it will be GREAT!

Well, I better go give some love to my baby! He's awake and I can see him smiling at me from across the room!

I'm in love.

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