yeah...he wont have anything to do with them. its a little frustrating because he wants to suckle but he wont take the pacifier and then he gets frustrated and yells at me. lol. i can't have him suctioned to me all day. we're not sure what to do...



  1. We are in the same boat with our 6 month old! She won't have anything to do with a pacifier but has started wanting to nurse in the middle of the night, just to use ME as her pacifier! Oh, these sweet babies! What can you really do? People keep telling me to let her "cry it out" and I just can't even imagine!
    You have such a beautiful little family:)

  2. I've noticed that babies have a hard time with the difference between nursing and bottles and pacifiers. One thing that I find that helps is putting the pacifier in their mouth and holding it in there with the palm of your hand. Then gently squeezing their cheeks with your fingers. This helps them to learn that they have to close their mouth in more with that object. Hope this helps some. Good luck!

  3. Boo. I have no idea! So sorry! I have to get up in the night to put Pepper's binky back in for her, I can't imagine having to use my boobie.