Well, 99% of my blog has been all about my sweet little bundle of joy lately. I decided to dedicate this post to the one who made that little bundle of joy possible! MICK!!!

He's a pretty cool guy. He has been working hard these past few weeks selling satellite to the people of South Dakota. He has been quite successful. We are being very blessed! He has already made in about 2 weeks time what he made ALL last summer! I am so happy and grateful for that but it also make last summer feel even more like a waste of time and disappointing (just the selling/working part of summer, btw). I am very grateful for his efforts in providing for our little family.

Mick has two more semesters of school left! We are both very excited for his graduation! Him because he'll finally be finished with school and me because...he'll finally be finished with school. Hahaha. We're both excited for his future career (he is still figuring out what it will be).

He is enjoying his baby boy a lot. He is so helpful and supportive when it comes to taking care of Kenny. During meal times we put Kenny in his bumbo and set him in the middle of the table as our "centerpiece". LOL. Kenny will stare at Mick and just smile and get really excited! Its so cute. I love seeing my boys together. Kenny looks a lot like his daddy.

Mick is so wonderful. He's such a great husband and daddy. I couldn't ask for a better eternal companion! I definitely got lucky when I met Mick and he decided to love me from day one and would not take no for an answer! Maybe I'll tell that story in future post. ;)

I'm going to make Mick do a photoshoot with me soon. Be excited! hahaha.