best thing ever.

i'm totally obsessed!


i have spent so much time on this website its ridiculous! it literally is addictive. i promise.


  1. hey jess- i've never heard of pinterest. how do you get your own account to start gathering your favorites? i want to start! you've got some pretty cute stuff on yours! :) it'll be so fun when you come back, and we can make so much cute stuff together...or more so, you can teach me! :) hahhaha!!

  2. i just commented...but i guess it didn't get posted. :)

    anyway...jess, how do you start your own account with pinterest. i've never heard of it before. you have some pretty cute stuff on your board. it'll be so great when you come back so we can make cute things together...or more so...you can teach me how to make them. :)