When, what, and why did you start feeding your baby solid foods?

The other day, I was having spaghetti for lunch and Kenny was just going crazy. He was super fussy and wouldn't even nurse. So I gave him a taste of my spaghetti sauce and he LOVED it!!! It totally settled him down. I think that is exactly what he was looking for. LOL.


  1. I'll email you my long response. ;)

  2. Hi, I'm kind of a blog stalker. Your blog is so cute! You don't know me but I actually grew up with Mick. We were in the same ward all growing up. Your little family is darling! I started feeding my baby rice cereal at 4 months. I started her on baby food around 6 months. She got a few teeth at 8 months and so I have started giving her cheerio's and goldfish. (things that disolve easy) Hope that kinda helps.

  3. LOL. I guess today is the day of blog lurkers. I lived in RC years ago. Your mom was my seminary teacher and I remember when you were much younger. Amazing what a great women you've become. I had been recommended by my peds Dr and family that if he's acting like he's not getting enough food at around 4 months - start him on cereal. I did it and my son was SOOOO happy. Good luck!