Oh Facebook

For some reason for the past several months I feel like I should ween myself from Facebook and focus more on sharing things here on my blog. Its weird. Not an idea i'm totally opposed to either. i will continue to think about it. so much drama happens on my facebook that i hate. people take what i say the wrong way and then i get sent enormous emails telling me how i am this awful person and all this other hurtful and not true stuff. sometimes i feel like facebook just sucks me in and rules my life. i hate that the most. so maybe i will start weening myself. yes...i think it is a pretty good idea. nope...i wont get rid of it! i like it too much and it is super great for keeping up with friends and other family members.

hi my name is jessica and i am addicted to facebook.


  1. I should join you for sure...I'm a total addict...let me know how ya do...I've tried for a long time to try to rid myself of this plague....hahaha

  2. I can commiserate with you on that one. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with it. -Erica