A. Age: 23
B. Bed Size:  queen
C. Chore you hate: dishes
D.  Dogs: The Chaz, Papillion
E.  Essential start to your day:  Waking up with baby
F.  Favorite Color: I've really been loving mustard yellow
G.  Gold or Silver: silver.
H.  Height: Somewhere around 5'5".
I.  Instruments you play: Cello
J.  Job Title: Mother
K.  Kids: Kenny
L.  Live: Utah
M.  Mother's Name: Robin
N.  Nicknames: Jess, Jessy, Jeff, J.
O.  Overnight hospital stays: Just when kenny was born
P.  Pet Peeves: Just about anything to do with the mouth, I can't handle mouth sounds. (like chomping, chewing, slurping, clinking silverware...that sort of thing)
Q.  Quote from a Movie:  "I'm a cotton-headed ninny-muggins." - Elf
R.  Right handed or Left handed:  Right
S.  Siblings: 2 brothers, 6 sisters
T.  Time to wake up: 10:00 AM. BUT, that never happens. So, 6:00 AM it is with the incredibly adorable Kenny-boy.
U.  Underwear: ?
V.  Vegetables you hate: I honestly can't think of a veggie I hate. 
W.  What makes you run late:packing for kenny when we go out for the day.
X.  X-rays you have: For my back. For my teeth.
Y.  Yummy food that you make: french toast, chocolate chip cookies
Z.  Zoo animals: Lions.

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