Winter Walks...Runny Nose and All!

Kenny is fast approaching his first birthday. I am having a hard time believing that its been 10 months since I brought my precious 9 pound bundle home. He has changed so much and has learned so many things!

Kenny at 10 months old:
 -He feeds himself and others.
-He crawls up the stairs, stands on his own, and loves walking while holding onto just one finger now.
-He is a hefty 23 pounds and 13 ounces.
-He has eight teeth.
-He wears sizes 12-18 month clothes.
-His favorite shows are Baby Einsteins and The Colbert Report.
-He LOVES Gerber's Graduates Sweet Potato Puffs and is only satisfied with at least 4 in his mouth at a time.
-His favorite toys are cups (he loves "drinking" out of them), balls, and anything he is not suppose to have (such as my phone, the remotes, Mick's xbox controllers, and scissors).
-Some of his other favorite things are:
      *walking with the duck walker
      *watching mom run in place and do jumping jacks
      *Grandpa Swenson's glasses and hats
      *baths! He LOVES taking a bath and will try to climb into the tub on his own.
      *doors. He really enjoys opening and shutting the door or swinging it back and forth.

Our Kenny boy is just so much fun these days and I am loving watching him grow! I am so excited for his birthday! Kenny and I decided to try out chocolate cake for his first b-day. Yes...I am already planning his 1st birthday party. Will he remember a single thing. No. But I will. Hahaha!

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  1. Boy I love this kid! He is such a fun little house guest!!

  2. I like the name you have for you baby things you are makeing.
    If I come across some dif. patterns like for toys and such would you like me to send them? will need an address if you do. love to you all Grandma Rutan.