Uh oh...

I am itching for another baby. DONT worry. I am just itching. I (or should I say WE) are just not ready yet. Mick needs to get his job lined up and we need to get to our "forever" place. I'm craving tiny baby smells and itty bitty baby features.

Kenny is getting so big and he is no longer a baby. Besides he loves babies and I think having a baby brother or sister would be so much fun for us both. At least I think it would. I guess he may not love having to share me with another. It would be hard. I might feel guilty...

Whoa...I think I just talked myself out of baby #2. HAHA! Yeah...I am just not ready. I am sure I will know when it will be time to get one that one. Not right now though. Sigh...I really want a girl. I almost bought the cutest little girl's dress yesterday. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. It really made me want a baby girl so badly! I know those things cannot be planned but It doesn't hurt to hope. 


Kenny just experienced the flu for the first time. It was interesting. He didn't act sick most of the time. He was so happy, smiley, and simply wanted to play. NO resting! He would get the most confused look on his face when he would vomit. It was truly the saddest thing ever! I had to fight back tears several times. 

I am completely exhausted. He has been so sick these past several days. First with a really bad cold. He kept waking up every couple of hours because all the mucus would build up and he couldn't breath. THEN...he got the flu and was just restless. And now he has the worst, smelliest diarrhea I have ever smelled. YUCK! I hope that this will be the end of his sicknesses for a little while at least. 

He has really been struggling with his sleeping. He use to just lay down in his crib and go to sleep. Then the holidays started up and we started traveling a lot and his sleep has been getting worse and worse. He wakes up at about three a.m. and will not go back to sleep unless I come get him. He has only been taking like one thirty to sixty minute nap. We're all struggling. Any advise? Suggestions? Stories? 

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  1. He has the BEST eyes EVER!!! (: Love that baby!