dreaming about spring....

we are all super ready for winter to be gone and for spring to make its glorious appearance! it is way hard being stuck inside for so long. this morning i opened my bedroom blinds to let in some light because it just seemed so dreary inside. i went to do a few things when i came back both my boys were just looking out the window. it made me laugh. i had to go join them in day dreaming about spring and playing in the grass.

good news, its suppose to be in the 50's this sunday and monday! we're already making plans to go to the park with friends! 

other things on me mind tonight...

i am feeling a bit discouraged and overwhelmed at the same time with my attempts at blogging, my etsy shop, and my photography.

blogging: i love to blog. its the perfect place to keep a journal and its super therapeutic. even though this is for me i like to know that there are other's who are enjoying reading my blog. i know numbers are not important but i love seeing my "followers" list go up. its a super amazing feeling and it makes me want to...dance!!

so if you are reading my little ol' blog let me know! you can follow my blog by clicking the follow button. AND it always makes my day when people leave comments. i love comments. for reals.

etsy: my etsy shop has actually been doing well. for the first time ever! i am ecstatic that i have found my "thing". it is a lot of work though! i finally decided to take a small break for a few days to regroup and get focused. i feel like a have a bazillion things going on and i am getting so overwhelmed. 

photography. hmm...yeah. that must not be my lot in life which totally bums me out. i have been trying to get into the photography field for so long. i really need to go take a class on photoshop or something. i think that would really make my photography be so much better. i don't know. ever since i was a little girl i have LOVED taking pictures. it has always been something that has made me super happy. i am still going to keep working at this.

well, i have some big things going on and decisions that need to be made. and honestly, if these are the things that are troubling me in my life i will take them any day! my life is amazing! i could not wish for anything else..except spring. ;)

love, jess

p.s. chaz won Pet of the Month over {HERE}. a blog post featuring him will be up tomorrow!!!!

OH! p.p.s. kenny had his one year check up today. he weighs 26 pounds and 5 ounces,  32 1/2 inches long and is in the 99 percentile. yes...he is a healthy boy!


  1. I feel the same way about my blog. I go back and forth from being excited about it to feeling like I don't have anything to offer. But then someone will comment or say something that makes me want to keep going. I don't know if that helps, but you are not alone. And I love your photography. If we lived closer, I would totally be paying you to take some family photos like right now!

  2. I love comments too! I also like reading your blog! You do a great job with it. I LOVE nice weather as well! :)

  3. I also love reading all of my kid's blogs. I'm so glad you share, both pictures and prose.

  4. Love your blog :) thought I'd leave a much loved comment here for ya :)

  5. Thank you guys so so much!! My heart is happy!