i cannot believe how busy i have become all of the sudden. i seriously have like a billion orders for that big bow dress! okay...not literally a billion but like 4. but i am also sewing like a mad woman for the Sew-vivor competition, and i offered to make my sister's bridesmaid dress (which i am actually super excited about!), and i am planning a yard/baby boutique sale tomorrow because i NEED room for my other stuff, and...i am a mom. which is obviously the best part of it all by far!

but seriously, kenny is so dang active! i try to keep the house clean but he will NOT have it! the other day i literally walked from one room to the next cleaning up his trail and i am pretty sure he was following me making sure that the rooms were messy just the way he liked them. after making a couple rounds i realized what was going on (i must have been in Auto-Pilot mode) and i just sat down of the floor and laughed because i was not going to win this battle. oh well.

i am adding something new to my shop, adult bow ties. yes. to match the baby bow ties. i have a pattern all ready to be used to make something amazing! i think i will make a little girls dress with a matching daddy bow tie. is anyone interested in trying out my new idea? for easter maybe?

anyway, i need to get busy sewing.

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