Our Vegas Vacation

our first stop of was of course the fountains at the belagio! amazing!

in front of new york new york

our hotel! we stayed in the vdara, a spa/hotel. it is one of the only hotels in vegas that doesn't have a cassino or smoking. it was lovely! our room was big, the bathroom alone was probably the size our bedroom at home! haha. we loved our stay there!

just losing money at the slot machines. :( we lost a whole 11 dollars...

mick chilaxin' at planet hollywood restaurant.

 going to see Cirque Du Soliel! "O" MY GOODNESS!!! this is by far the best show i have ever seen! i was on the edge of my chair the whole time.

 Hoover Dam

our last drive down the strip until our next visit to vegas

freemont street

we drove through zion national park on our way home. it was lovely! i was pleasantly surprised.

we had such a great trip! it was our first time being away from kenny for so long. we missed him more than we ever imagined possible but we didn't have to worry about him and that was nice. 
our favorite part of vegas was definitely going to see "O". my other favorite part was that mick refused to let go of my hand where ever we went. i loved walking hand in hand with my husband. he makes me so dang happy and i am so grateful that he is a part of my life!  


  1. I am so so glad that you had such a fun trip! It looks like a blast in the pictures. I miss you guys. Thanks for the post.

  2. Aww looks like you guys had so much fun!!

  3. Looks like you guys had an awesome time!! these are such great pictures! i've always said the only thing that'll bring me to vegas is cirque du soleil which is on my bucket list so i am very envious of you!!