before the blessings comes the trials...right?

remember how i said this was suppose to be a better week. well...i'm still waiting for it to pick up. 

kenny has had a fever of 103.7 for three days. THREE DAYS! i took him to the doctor today. she poked, prodded, and gagged my sick little babe. it was sad. she was worried about there being an infection in his bloodstream so she sent us to get some blood work done to try and figure out what was going on. we are waiting to hear back on all the test results. so far it is looking good. but those hours between leaving the doctors office and that phone call have been fairly awful. it was wonderful and a blessing to receive some good news. we are still waiting to hear about the next test. pray that is is also good!

tomorrow is a new day and i hope it will be lovely! i am working very hard to get that tutorial and a sweet giveaway for my amazing readers, but forgive me if i just don't get to it. i have been one very worried mama and my time will be spent tending to my sick boy. 

via instagram
look at how sick he looks. poor baby! it is torture seeing my baby in so much pain and discomfort. 


  1. Aww I hope everything turns out better!! Kisses to your sweet baby!

  2. Thanks Tori! We are thinking it was Roseola. Blah. No fun.