My Make-up and Hair

so i don't really take a lot of photos of myself. i just don't ever think to do so. i thought that for today it would be a fun challenge for me...i much rather be behind that camera than in front. i took them all on my phone, i was too lazy to go find my actual camera...yep it's one of those days. i'm surprised that i showered...ha!

so this is about a half hour after i got out of the shower. i usually let my hair air dry. i can probably count on one hand how many times i've blow dried my hair in the past year! yeah!

make-up time!

and after the whole process. i decided to curl my hair. yay!

this is what i used for my "getting ready" process.

curling iron: conair | powder foundation with brush: mary kay | eyelash curler: mary kay | tweezers: mary kay | eye shadow: the icing | mascara: mary kay

(not pictured) but i use C.O Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint {plum mint} on a daily basis!

my mother is a mary kay consultant. she gave me the mascara, eye lash curler, and tweezers for christmas, i won the powder and brush at a party i went to like 5 years ago. i don't wear make-up often. i don't wear a lot of either. i was extremely blessed with nice skin and so when i do wear make up i choose mary kay! the powder foundation is perfect! it hides the little flaws on my skin without making my face feel sticky or caked with make-up. the mascara actually makes my eyelashes look longer which of course i love!

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