okay...so this has been quite the week. do you mind if i share it with you?

it has been... 

hard, kenny has been extremely cranky to the point that all i can do is sit and cry. i love him so much and i hate not knowing how to help him.
very exciting, mick's first week at his new job, which he loves by the way!!!!, 
sad, coming to the realization that a really good friend...isn't actually a friend at all. and that has been pretty heartbreaking. 
crazy, many many orders from my shop and giveaways that i NEED to get caught up on
exhausting, kenny has been sleeping in and that means i sleep in, he is my alarm clock. i always feel way more tired when i sleep in longer than usual. why?
hungry, i am sooo baby hungry...but i don't want another baby yet, confusing...yes. i mostly just want a little girl to play dress up with. i love that kenny can dress up like his dad. i feel left out sometimes...hahahaha! 
disappointing, my bike tire went flat and so kenny and i have been unable to ride
beyond happy, i finally got a vacuum, it's exactly what i wanted for Mother's Day! i have been vacuuming.

so i apologize, deeply, that i have not kept to my plans, my promises, my "to-do-list" for this blog...as you can see it was one of those roller-coaster weeks. up and down. i am so glad it's the weekend. we have some fun things planned!

on that note: i really want to thank all of my sweet followers! for your comments, words of encouragement, love, kindness, and for simply following along,  thank you!!!!! and...i am just so happy to have you here! it is exciting to be able to share my life, dreams and talents with you all! my hope is that i may touch the lives of others for the better through this blog. 

here's to hoping for a better week! i just don't think i can't go wrong with a weekend full of fun times with my boys!

no go out, catch your dreams!

much love, me


  1. hope you have a lovely weekend, sounds like you deserve it!

  2. Can I just say... I think I'm taking a ride in your boat with you this week! As I was reading this, I kept thinking, "How does she know that? That happened to ME." No matter what happens with Kenny, you are still a great momma. He loves you and his fussiness will soon be over. I have a babe around his same age, so I hear ya!
    No matter what, whether anything gets done at all, just remember to love on your baby and hub. It'll make you feel better every time!