tutorial: leather head band

this is probably the easiest tutorial out there! but that is how we like it right!
here for you is my braided headband tutorial! 

you will need:
 4 strands of leather strips about 36 inches long each
 your head, or a friends...

i sewed the the four strands together just to keep them in place while i braided, if you have a different method you would rather use go for it!! make sure there is about 7 inches of lose strands.

braid the four strands until you reach the length you need to go around your head.

tie a knot at the beginning and end of the strand (remember you need about 7 inches of lose strands on each end) like so...

pull super tight! the lovely thing about leather is that it holds. yay!

take the strand that you used to tie the knot and pull it aside. trim the other three. the long strands will be used to tie at the back of your head.

there are so many ways to wear this way awesome headband! i chose to wore it like this...

my highlights are really showing in these pictures! i love it! if you ever need your hair done...my sister is pro!

and here is my little family's outing tonight


  1. Love this Jess! I think I might just be making me a headband this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration :)

    1. Thank you! i wore it around town today and it was a big hit! love it! hehe. definitely make one. i want to see it when you do!

  2. Believe it or not I don't know how to braid 4 strands! I'm going to need a personal tutorial on that one.

    1. same here ! I´ll have to youtube-it