Do-It-Yourself Business Cards...

apparently it's a good idea to bring business cards to blog meet ups/mingles. i didn't know this until about 10 minutes before i was going to leave when i saw another lady going to Soel's mingle saying she was making cards last minute. um...me too!

here is what i came up with. i am actually pretty pleased with the final product.

what you'll need:

~kraft cardstock
~washi tape
~paper cutter

step one:
design your card, i just used microsoft word but you can use anything you like (i.e. whatever mac has, photoshop, etc). i used {this} website to get my QR code. i only put my name and blog address on my card but the next ones i do i will add my etsy shop and possibly email. who knows. i made three columns and spaced out three designs in each column. you will need to cut these in 2"x3.5" so make sure they are spaced so that you can do that.

step two:

print your design on your cardstock.

step three:

cut your cards in 2"x3.5" measurements.

step four:

add washi tape for fun! it really made a huge difference adding the washi tape. it just added that extra awesome-ness  that the cards needed. they were pretty plain and boring without. 

AND voila'! you're done! hand them out! send me one! or at least take a picture so i can see. :)


  1. Those turned out cute! I love the look of craft paper, especially with the washi tape.

  2. Replies
    1. thanks!! it probably took me about 10 minutes tops. i love easy and fat diy projects!

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    3. Business card is essential thing for business. You have to make it more stylish and designable which attracts customers towards your business.

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  4. WOW Jessica these are really cute. And super inventive! Great job!! =)

  5. How lovely these are. So nice. I was in search of plastic business cards nice designs. I think its over here.

  6. Where did you buy your washi tape. Love it. I'm a little late apparently to the washi party:)