our day via photos

this is a look into our day (yesterday) i took a picture every hour. it was actually hard. and not as fun as i thought it would be. can you take too many pictures in one day? yesterday almost felt that way. oh well. this is a fun post however! i would definitely say it was worth and i will probably do it again...in the NOT so near future. but again.

7a.m. i woke up to this little man crawling to my bed to snuggle. 

8a.m. breakfast time!

 9a.m. we decided to take a walk to the farmer's market. when we got there all we found was a huge pile of construction (of course...we are in utah). so disappointing.

 10a.m. we continued our walk though for a while. on our way back my feet were blistered from my shoes. it was strange. i wore those shoes all winter why the heck am i getting blisters? my feet must know its summer. they only like flip flops and sandals.

11a.m. kenny went down for a nap and i blogged! YAY!

12p.m. he's awake!

1p.m. after lunch we went outside. kenny discovered the raspberry bush. i could not keep him away from it and he was starting to eating the one's that weren't ripe yet. so we went inside and he was unhappy.

2p.m. the chaz loves my bed. he thinks its his...

3p.m. just a little 80's photo session with my boy. 

4p.m. kenny is getting into my wallet. again. this was probably the 3rd time that day.

5p.m. kenny was taking his second nap and i had a little snack. peanut butter and nutella on a tortilla. it was pretty good. not my favorite.

6p.m. watching the colbert report with dad. i'm not even kidding, he loves that show.

7p.m. i detailed the car. :) it looks good!

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  1. Looks like it was a pretty nice day(:! Aw and Kenny is the cutest!