"Our" (my) Dream Home

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the only thing mick and i absolutely do not agree on it our forever home. it's rough.

i think i will win in then end though! ;)

i want an old farm house (fully restored of course) with five bedrooms. i am all about vintage and almost rustic decor. i want a lot of white and eggshell painted walls, creaky wood floors (an absolute must...maybe not the creaky so much), A LOT of large windows, a big kitchen and dining area, a play room, a craft room, an office for mick, a sitting room, an entertainment room, and a guest room.

i have expensive taste. i honestly don't mean to either. it just so happens i fall in love with something and go to see the price and of course it is always the most expensive. but i am a pretty resourceful gal and i hope that our home will be filled with a whole lot of diy projects, thrift/yard sale finds, a few incredible and maybe a bit pricey antiques but mostly a whole lot of love.

this is the day i am dreaming of...


  1. I love these ideas! I don't have many requirements for my dream house, but wood floors for sure, and also a wraparound (or just big) porch, a swing, a big bathtub, and a decent sized kitchen. That teepee is ridiculously cute and I love the kitchen table!

    1. Oh yes, I need to ad the wrap around porch WITH a porch swing, big bathroom with a his and hers sink. Yes. It just has to happen! For both of us.

  2. Good luck convincing your love. It looks wonderful!

  3. Wish my mom were alive to see this. You two are kindred spirits. She eventually got her “dream home” even tho it wasn’t my dad’s favorite. He grew to love it and loved her more for her yard sale, DIY decor. You go girl!