um...it's June. WHA????!!!

time is flying by. time is always flying by...*sigh*

so, i was thinking now that it is a new month, i should up my "getting my blog out there" game. 

i am looking to do an ad/button swap with you {my lovely blog followers}!

what do i mean by an ad/button swap? i will put your blog/shop ad/button on my blog in exchange for you putting my ad/button on your blog! it's a great way to spread our blogs to more readers!

 i am looking for a 200X100 size ad. 
 i am doing a limited amount of space for the first 10 people to email me (five spots filled).

jessicahunt88 {at} gmail {dot} com

all ads will go on the left side of my blog.
i will be doing a sponsor feature post through out the month of june featuring each person and their blog/shop!

 if you need help with an ad button just let me know!


  1. Hi Jessica! I just discovered your blog. I am a new follower and I'd love to ad swap! You have such a lovely blog!
    xo bhrett

    1. That would be so great! Send me an email at jessicahunt88@gmail.com with your button html code. I am looking for a 200x100 (width x height). What size would you like?