"They say when you marry in June...

...you're a bride. All your life!"

'tis true. i was married in june.

this last weekend i watched my brother marry the girl of his dreams. what a beautiful sight seeing those two promise each other eternity. i totally cried.

man...i am exhausted. we decided last minute to leave thursday evening and drive (13 hours) through the night.


we randomly met up with my sister, her fiance and car group in boise, id. what are the odds of that happening. we didn't tell anyone we were leaving except my other sister in WA.

we arrived friday morning and spent the day preparing for the wedding. my sister and i made/decorated the wedding cake. i might have become obsessed. i loved it!

the wedding was beautiful. very bright and full of laughter. i am so lucky to have such an amazing family. i love the closeness we all share with each other. tim and i especially are close. he is truly my best friend. i am so very proud of him and i think know he found an incredible woman who will make him so very happy!

i love being with my family and i wish with all my heart i lived closer. i love the Pacific Northwest. i miss it. mick refuses to move me there... :( i will never stop hoping that we will buy our forever home there though.

we left the damp and cool washington for the very dry and hot utah sunday morning. on the way kenny decided to fill his diaper up with poo...very smelly poo. so we pulled over so i could change him but guess what. we didn't have a single clean diaper in the car. we were in the middle of no where. just road and fields. no stores. ah....

i ended up wrapping his bum up in a t-shirt, pillow case and a couple pairs of pajama pants. awesome mom moment. HA!

anyways. it was a lovely weekend. busy. exhausting. and simply perfect. i am happy to be home. although not happy about the mess.

i hope your weekend was wonderful!



  1. What fun colors! And the photos you posted of the cake on Instagram are beautiful! Sorry about your little mishap :P Regardless of the stinky parts, reading your blog makes me so excited to meet our little boy soon.

    1. Thanks!! It was so much fun doing the cake! I might be addicted now. HA! I am so glad you feel that way. I personally love the stinky parts. They make life so much more interesting. My husband and I were laughing so hard about our diaper situation.