this is a story about...


mick's mom, debbie, bought kenny these boots a while ago. they are about two sizes too big so i just put them in my closet with my shoes. well, kenny found them one day about month or so ago and decided that they were pretty dang awesome! he wears them all day long. kenny+boots=happiness. he loves most of his, mick's and my shoes but these are at the top of his list. haha! i love his funny personality! this is a typical outfit over here in the swenson home!


 i got a new shirt today! it's actually not "new" new. it was worn about two times by a fellow blogger. it's from madewell, my favorite store EVER and i only spent $13.00 on it! 

i {heart} mustard.


  1. Okay, I’ve been in much need of a really good laugh and these photos of Kenny did that for me. The adrenalin is flowin’! THANKS. What a funny boy. And I’m so happy that he loves his boots!

    1. HAHA good! He is way too much fun! He has quite the personality huh!