This Little Street

Um...you guys need to check out {this} incredible blog! So many lovely things to be seen! AND look! my Big Bow Dress was featured along with the the skirt that inspired me to make it! Perfection!

Also check out {this} pretty mama's blog that also featured my Big Bow dress this week!


i love this picture. isn't she the cutest little thing ever!

i seriously get goosebumps and/or tear up every time a mama sends me a picture of her little girl(s) wearing the dresses that i made! it is truly a special and unique experience for me, one i am so very grateful for!

I have something REALLY awesome coming to my shop this weekend! check it out...

obviously this isn't the best picture because it was taken on my phone. i will have better ones taken today and i just might get this baby posted on my Etsy shop tonight! i am also in process of getting a pencil skirt made. that may be a couple weeks but know that it is coming!


  1. I am so in love with that skirt! I wish our clothes budget was bigger so I could by matchy Mommy/daughter outfits for me and the girls. Ooh, and a bow tie for Scott! He has NEVER worn a bow tie; I wonder if I could get him to do it... ;)

    1. Um...matching mommies and babies are always so adorable! Well, if you ever decide you need a new dress for your cute girls just let me know, i have a special discount code for my family and a few select friends! ;)

  2. Your clothing is stunning! What a huge accomplishment for you! So great to see other people wearing your creations! Yay you!! xoxo

    1. Thank you Andrea! It really is! I had no idea that this is where my life would be right now. I use to sew for my sisters but I never dreamed I would sew to sell and that people would actually love my creations and then pay a lot of money for them. It is actually quite humbling. I love it!