two years and counting!

yesterday mick and i celebrated our second wedding anniversary. it feels so weird that two years have already gone by!

we started our celebrations friday night and went to a movie while grandma and grandpa watched kenny. it is always a treat getting to spend some alone time out and about with my mick! we got out of our movie around 9ish and were not ready to end our night out so we headed to the local pond. 

it wasn't the romantic evening walk i was imagining on our way over. we sat down on a bench to watch a mama duck and her ducklings swim around. then all of a sudden there was this male duck running full speed towards them. the babies started chirping like crazy and the mama duck took off. the male totally chased her down and then...they did the nasty. holy awkward. that was not what we wanted to see...so we left.

when we got back to mick's parents house we decided to lay out on the trampoline and star gaze. chaz however was not in the mood to snuggle. he ran full speed all over the yard and trampoline and attacked my feet and neck. haha! then he decided to bath himself by licking LOUDLY his body. EW!!! so we went inside and went to bed.

yesterday (on our actual anniversary day) we went out to dinner with kenny. it was a nice dinner. nothing too special. we watched kenny play and dance to the live music by the restaurant we ate at and that was so fun! kenny has been the best "oops" we ever made. getting pregnant on our honeymoon hasn't been easy but so very worth it! it felt right celebrating out day with our son! 

we didn't really have the romantic anniversary that most girls hope and expect to have, but it was fun and easy going. which if you know mick and i, it was perfect. 

i really am the lucky one in this marriage. mick is amazing. he is so kind. intelligent. funny. handsome. and he loves me more than i have ever been loved (except maybe by my Mudder!). he makes me so happy. even when he makes me mad he always finds a way to make me laugh. which is annoying. sometimes is just want to be mad for a minute! haha. that is one of the many reason i love him so much though!

what a great two years it has been!

{June 4th, 2012}

{June 4th, 2011}

{June, 4th, 2010}


  1. congrats to you guys :) your wedding dress is gorgeous btw
    i also nominated your blog for an award

    1. Thanks!! and Thanks for the nominations! HA!

  2. congrats on your anniversary. what a beautiful couple!

    xo bhrett

  3. Happy anniversary! Sounds like it was a wonderful celebration :)

  4. You two(three) are sooo cute!!! Congrats!!!