our weekend getaway

we spent the weekend up at mick's family cabin in schofield, ut. it was so beautiful and peaceful. we all love going up there. i forgot to bring my camera so i don't have many pictures. i was able to get a couple phone pictures at the end of our trip after i was able to charge it in the car for a couple minutes.

i am doing much better morning sickness wise. i throw up about once a day but its so much better than all day. i also feel nauseous through out the day but i am able to function...sort of. haha! kenny wears me out so fast. i cannot keep up with this kid! 

he is so stinking cute though! i just love him so dang much! he has started toddler babbling a lot. he has full on conversations with me. the only thing is i have absolutely no idea what he is saying. poor kid. he usually just looks at me like i'm an idiot and then walks away to do something way more fun than try and converse with his not so smart mama. HAHA! oh it cracks me up! 

so guess what else is happening. october. yes. its just a little over a week away! now that i'm feeling a bit better i was thinking october would be a great time to get back into blogging full swing! which means i will be accepting sponsor swaps! just shoot me an email if you're interested! {jessicahunt88 at gmail dot com}

i love october. to me its the start of the holiday season. once october hits i know that very soon it will be thanksgiving and then christmas (my favorite holiday...of course!). i am so excited to take kenny halloween costume shopping. its not very often mick tells me to go spend money but just yesterday he said "Oh! Halloween City! You should take Kenny there and get him a costume. Something warm...". yep. those were his words! hehe! 

anyways. i do want to thank you all for your sweet comments and good advice. these days are not easy but i am so grateful for a great support group and amazing family to get me through!


p.s. i'm officially 10 weeks as of yesterday! only 30 more to go................


  1. Such a beautiful picture, happy to hear your feeling better, I was sick almost the entire pregnancy with Judah, its one of the main reasons why I am hesitant to get pregnant again. I dont know what I would do if I was sick and running after a very active toddler ;-)

  2. Old Navy have some way cute warm costumes!

  3. What a beautiful place for a weekend getaway. I am glad you are slowly feeling better! I have never been pregnant but I would assume it is really tough. Hang in there!