surprised by slumber

Kenny was being too quiet so I went to check on him and I found him sound asleep in my bed. My heart nearly stopped out of shock and then I totally started to tear up over his sweet innocence.  I cannot describe in words the gratitude I have for being a mother. Especially the mother of this little boy. Our lives are not perfect. Mick comes home from work super stressed, I often battle loneliness and Kenny is testing his limits when it comes to his independence (which can be frustrating for all of us). Despite our struggles I can honestly say that at the end of the day we are truly happy. Happy to be together. Happy to experience the little things that bring so much joy to our lives (like Kenny's new ability to sing the abc's!!!). I know its 100% because we have each other, and not just in this earthly life but for FOREVER! 

P.S. Don't you love how Chaz decided he needed in on the photo action. I am pretty sure he knows I am bringing another little boy into this world to torture him which he is not happy about because he's peed on my towel three times in the past 10 days. We are not on speaking terms. ;) 


  1. Jess, I adore you. I wish we could get together more so you wouldn’t feel so lonely. I know it’s very hard to be home with a toddler and have a hubby work so much. If it weren’t for Tamra, I would have gone crazy back in those days. I’m so thankful for you and for what a cute mom you are to Kenny. I’m very excited for another adorable boy to join our family. When you are going stir crazy, make Mick take the bus and come to Salem and hang out.

  2. p.s. you can even use my sewing machine and I can help with Kenny!

  3. This was so sweet :) I got butterflies!

    And I love your room!!